I'm coming...

I didn't see the ocean for the fist time until I was 14. Being from land-locked Iowa, the ocean was something you only saw on TV or in other people's post cards. It wasn't until I was visiting family in Portland, Maine that I got my first glimpse of the big blue.

I remember standing there, on the beach, looking out as far as I could see, and it seemed like the ocean called to me. 'Come, see what wonders there are just beyond my horizon', it would say in a tantalising voice.

From that day till now, every time I've visited the coast and gazed out beyond the breaking waves, I heard that same beckoning call.

Today, while standing in the cockpit of a 36 foot sailboat cruising down the River Orwell, as the banks of the river opened to the sea I heard that now familiar call. But today, I was able for the first time to reply, 'I'm coming.'