The Other Woman

By Renée Elizabeth Mineart

Can you not see?
There are two woman inside of me.
One is brave and strong,
To see the other you must look deep and long.

The first is the one the world does see.
She looks amazingly similar me.
She is the author, manager and boss.
Her heart is strong and she does not give a toss.

She stands tall and her skin is fare.
And she has beautiful, short, red hair.
She does not hurt or bleed.
In the face of adversity, she does not flee.

She is the one others call when in need.
She is always more than willing to please.
It even makes her happy to help when she can.
A taxi, a friend, someone to lend you a hand.

The other me I do not let many see.
Her heart is tender and meek.
She longs for another to hold her hand.
In adversity, to help her to stand.

Her heart easily bleeds.
And tears trickle down like beads.
Alone in bed she weeps,
Lost in a forest, dark and deep,

Will you hold her close, or get to know her name?
Will you do more than just play the game?
Won’t anyone take the time to see?
The other women inside of me.