Day 2

Tuesday began with a lovely hot shower in Woolverstone Marina. We stayed at four marinas in total, and although all the showers were nice, and hot, I think Woolverstone had the best showers.

Taken on the way to the shower block early Tuesday morning

Taken just after returning from the showers

Once everyone was up and had breakfast, it was time to get busy for our little journey. Rich and I were responsible for plotting the course, keeping the log book and basically not getting us lost or run aground.

Our course was to be from Woolverstone Marina in the River Orwell to Bradwell Marina in the River Blackwater.

Our planned course

I am happy to say that we traversed the course without getting lost or running aground. In fact, working as a team, we did quite well and completed the journey in about 5 hours.

Cold and wet sailing, this is NOT why we go sailing

Shift change and coffee on the hour, every hour

The seagulls seem to think the buoys were put there just for them

We each had an hour or so at the helm, and Jax brought us nicely, and safely into the marina, which was quite challenging as she had to turn the boat around in a tight and shallow spot.

Jax bringing us into the marina like a pro

Looking out of Bradwell from our mooring

The worst part of the day was the unrelenting rain. I quickly learned that my waterproof coat wasn't all that waterproof. Thankfully, they had spares on the boat.

After dinner we made our way to, you guessed it, the local pub. I think everyone slept really well that night, as we were going to be up moderately early the next morning for our return trip.