Day 4

So here we are. We've come to day 4 of the adventure, getting close to the end but still having fun.

Day 4 began in Ipswich Haven Marina. It was a late-ish morning, with a few of us finding breakfast at a local café.

 Shanti II

We took advantage of the calm water within the marina, thanks to a lovely lock, and practiced manoeuvring the boat some more. This time it was turning the boat a full 360 degrees in a relatively tight space, forwards AND backwards. We had to take into account the prop spinning water against the rudder, and all kinds of technical things like that. 

My experience with steering the boat up to this point had all been really easy. The figure of eights we did on day one, and generally keeping the boat on course was a breeze. So when I watched my fellow crew doing this, I thought: 'it doesn't look that difficult. I know, I'll impress everyone and do something really cool with the boat using my superior skills. Mwahahaha!

But, actually, it was a lot tougher than it looked and I felt pretty lucky to have gotten the boat around in a circle in the space provided. So, it turns out the morning's lesson was actually, how not to be a show off and have respect for one's crew-mates. 

We then moored the boat a few times before heading back out to the river.

Going through the Ipswich Lock
It's a tough life

Thursday afternoon was spent picking up moorings under a very gentle breeze on an absolutely beautiful day.

John concentrating hard

Jax ready to snag a mooring

Tyler making sure the stern doesn't come up out of the water

And better hold that bow down too while you're at it

And here is how it's done.

 Thursday evening we made our way to Shotly Marina for the night.

Felixstowe Port

Out to dinner with the crew
The food was not that great but the company was awesome!