Day 5

And finally we come to day 5, the sadist day of the week because it was the last.

But, the morning was absolutely stunning, couldn't ask for a better day.

This seagull kindly stayed on this post for the 15 or so minutes I stood there,
taking pictures of the sunrise over Felixstowe Port.
He even sang a song for me (although, gulls don't really sing, just make a noise)

Bored, he decided to strut his stuff as he left

An amazing sunrise, to be sure

After leaving the marina, we sailed around the River Stour for awhile, practicing a few more Man Overboards, tacking and jiving (although not a lot of wind) and just enjoying the beautiful day.

I love Bev's statement, 'This, (pointing to the water around us) is my classroom'

Yes, it's a seal.

And then, before we knew it, the week was over. We returned to Woolverstone Marina, packed our bags, cleaned the boat and had our final de-brief with Bev. 

An amazing, and for me, life changing, week. It was everything I hoped, and more. And I made some totally awesome friends too. 

I may have gotten a few events out of sequence, or left bits and pieces out of my account. It happens. 

Fair winds my friends.