Sailing Takes Me Away

Note: This blog is best enjoyed while listening to Christopher Cross - Sailing.

What follows is my account of a 5 day Competent Crew course that I took through Shearwater Sailing, near Ipswich, UK.

When I started this Sofa to Sailboat blog, I intended it to be about ME, about MY journey from a couch potato to a live-aboard cruiser with my own sailboat. I have dreams of sailing to distant lands, across seas, more or less on my own. When I think about boats I'd like to buy, one of my first questions is 'can this be sailed by one person?' Sailing for me, is a way to indulge the introvert within, to get away from people, except for the occasional visit from close friends.

What I found during this week's sailing was something completely different, and very amazing.

Because, what I found were 5 other people on similar journeys of their own. 5 People equally passionate about sailing, and their dream to sail. Yes, each person's reason and dream were slightly different, but we were all drawn together by one shared drive - to be on the water, to be free.

So, although I am telling my story, I am really telling just one perspective of an experience shared with these wonderful people.

It is to the following people that I dedicate this series of posts to, and that I say thank you to, for making my week a wonderful adventure.

From Left to right:
"Skipper" Bev (our amazing instructor)
 "Pretty Boy" Tyler (standing in the back)
"Innuendo" Rich (at the helm)
"By The Numbers" John
"Captain Jax" Jacqueline

And of course, me
"Rum Time" Renée